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This custom designed boulder retaining wall and rock garden bring bright color with a naturalistic look, protecting the elevation.


EARTHWORK’s Mark Riffel looked to mirror nature in his approach to designing this retaining wall. Rather than working against the elements, he brought in beautiful boulders to protect from erosion and define a visual border for the yard. With a team of experienced professionals and a fleet of machinery, EARTHWORK built this impressive boulder wall and rock garden.


Many customers come to us with projects to protect their land, and we work together with them to come up with solutions that are not only practical but also beautiful, adding value to the home and to the lives of the homeowners.

Natural materials and dedicated expertise.

The strength of the result lies in the reliance on nature’s own beauty. The retaining wall had to merge the yard with a previously existing rock wall, matching elevations while appearing as a natural bluff. Yellow hues in the rock surface capture the sun’s splendor, attended by a single tuft of green to add a note of storytelling. The careful setting of boulders and the fine tuned details of the rock garden combine to create a convincing work of art that appears part of the world around it.


The constraints of naturalism and practical application produced this stand out work in southern Illinois landscaping — evidence that with the right team, anything is possible. This impressive bluff lends character and drama to the home sitting above it. This rustic bluff retaining wall will last for generations to come, protecting the property while adding value.


EARTHWORK means art in design and expertise in craft.

Put EARTHWORK’s decades of experience to use for your landscaping needs today. Our professional staff know how to turn your necessary repairs into beautiful transformations. Using quality tools and our many years in the field, we elevate every project to a work of art.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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