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This garden plot with rock features and statue sets the scene for a calming destination amid the distractions and noise of our modern world.


We believe that natural beauty has the power to heal and renew us spiritually. So when a client came to us needing a pocket of spiritual retreat, we were excited to work with them.


While the space wasn’t large, we knew it would be more than plenty to bring a visitor’s attention to the peace and serenity waiting in nature. Our plant selection would require precision to get the most out of the garden plot, and we needed to create balance with the statue of Mary at the same time that we emphasized her.

Landscape planting is the use of color and season for year long beauty.

The end result is a garden that serves as a respite for the soul. The statue of Mary is elevated, wreathed in a beautiful maple tree that surrounds her in green during the spring and summer and burns in bright red through the long southern Illinois autumn. Small boulders gather at her feet, as if listening to her message.


We carried the red of the maple into the choice of flowers, creating a bouquet of warm color beneath the statue. We extended the plot for balance, with a gradual slope and the rich burgundy leaves of a japanese maple. This opens up the experience and lends the statue — and the visitor — space to breathe and contemplate.

EARTHWORK believes that great landscapes give us peace.

EARTHWORK has been dedicated to landscaping excellence since 1977. Owner Mark Riffel and his team of professional craftsmen are here to honor your needs. We draft compelling designs, and we carry out our projects with the highest level of integrity and conduct. That is why we have consistently created the outstanding landscape projects of the southern Illinois region.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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