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An Extension

of Nature

Extensive yard work featuring natural rock bluffs and terrain recreates the most beautiful features of southern Illinois for this magnificent home.


The client’s home needed landscape that matched it in grandeur, and the steep grade to the cliff below made choices limited. Perhaps the surrounding area held the key.


The project would need a clear vision and a professional crew capable of working with heavy machinery near a bluff, that’s why these homeowners chose EARTHWORK.


Owner Mark Riffel’s design interacts with and works off of the bluffs already on the property, enhancing the fine architecture of the home. The EARTHWORK team specializes in natural forms and materials, and so we were thrilled to bring that expertise to the project. Our careful excavation, boulder selection, and layout culminated in these satisfying rock features. 

Landscaping is an extension of your home.

The natural looking boulder features match the distinct, grand vision of the home resting above it and the bluffs below it. The area now works with both the wild and the man-made. We were able to expand on the bounty that nature already provided and bring the bare backyard into harmony, all to the tune of a neutral color palette.


With the scattering of boulders, the slope now works as a compelling transition. The boulders break up the monotony of the space, gathering here and separating there. And the light colored mulch reflects the highlights of the handsome wood panelling out into the yard. These features allow the home’s beauty to sing in key with its surroundings.


EARTHWORK continues to change the landscape of southern Illinois.

The professionals at EARTHWORK love big projects with big effects, just as we love bringing powerful design to the smallest details. We consider it a privilege to be able to work with homeowners like you, ensuring that every home we visit is tended to with expertise, respect, and the best design in southern Illinois. We hope to work with you to realize your landscaping dreams.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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