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A custom stone work patio with segmented short walls and pillars extend the house to the great outdoors with artistic flair.


Like many of our customers, this client wanted a place to entertain and enjoy themselves outside. They called EARTHWORK to help them create the perfect setting that would blend into their backyard.


At EARTHWORK, we know that a great landscaping project adds functionality at the same time it adds beauty. We could elaborate on the colors of the house while adding architectural interest through the shape of the patio, and our design focused on the flow of foot traffic from the backdoor to the backyard. We set to work with our team of professional craftsmen to make this addition as inviting as any room of the house.


Expand your house and welcome the outdoors into your life.

The swooping curves of the patio open up the flow of the space, leading out to the greater backyard. Those curves blur the line between the house and lawn at the same time it softens the exterior of the house. The short walls maintain the sense of a room outside and adds a level of safety, not to mention casual seating while looking off into the woods.


The color choice for the stone work develops the colors of the house, using bolder shades to avoid making one large wash of color. The colors play well together and create a more fun and exciting atmosphere for the new entertainment space.


Your home’s landscaping deserves the best.

EARTHWORK has designed and crafted the best landscaping projects in the southern Illinois region for over four decades. In that time, we have mastered the full range of landscaping — from water features to stone work to plant selection and beyond. Let us put our skills to work for your next landscaping project.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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