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This natural boulder retaining wall and rock garden planter make for an attractive feature breaking up the elevation.


The long, gradual grade change in this yard left a lot to be desired visually. The client called EARTHWORK needing a solution that served to enhance the property and break up the monotony.


EARTHWORK’s Mark Riffel designed this boulder wall and rock garden to create a natural looking barrier. Our experience with boulder projects ensured that we could accomplish something great with the materials, and expanding the wall into a garden meant that we could tell a story with a few carefully selected plants.


Landscaping is the art of working with the land to make beauty for your home.

A simple wall would not be enough to add appeal, so we gradually opened up the feature at one end. What begins as a miniature bluff line gently sweeps into a full boulder scene. This pleasant expansion moves with the grade of the yard. The color of the rock was chosen to match the brick of the house and the green of the coming lawn while avoiding a manufactured look.


The rock garden that grows out of the boulders helps hold the space for the wall feature. It also allowed us to bring in a variety of plants to add surprise and interest. While the project is not enormous, with the detail we were able to finesse out of boulder and plant placement, the client will be able to explore and discover for a long time to come.


EARTHWORK brings incredible landscaping projects to southern Illinois.

This project shows EARTHWORK’s dedication to detail and our experience with our materials. Our boulder features are more than rocks in a row, they are works of art seeking balance, harmony, and a soft grace. We have over four decades of experience in southern Illinois, bringing it the finest in design and craftsmanship. 

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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