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Cape Cod


Bricklaying, flower bed construction, and tasteful planting extend the party to this inviting outdoor space.


Having a great backyard isn’t worth much if you never use it. And so the challenge is to create an outdoor space that welcomes you into its arms.


For this customer, EARTHWORK would need to create a patio that was a joy to enter — a major improvement over the water logged area they had before. Careful consideration of planting was needed to match the surrounding area and draw inspiration from the Cape Cod style of the house.


An outdoor space opens the home to the beauty of southern Illinois.

The result of this project is a wonderful space to spend time — with a book or a group of friends. The homeowners already had a backyard looking out into a treeline, with a wonderful sense of expanse and yet also privacy. Now, they can spend time there, making full use of the natural beauty as part of their everyday life.


The flower beds help soften the transition from the expertly laid brick out to the grass. By placing beds beside the house as well, the two sides of the patio hold a conversation of their own. With a tasteful palette chosen to enhance and play off the backyard, the plant selection ensures harmony between the patio and the great southern Illinois land.


Coziness isn’t just for the indoors. With the right design, an outdoor patio can be just as welcoming as your living room.

Create your new favorite outdoor space today.

Southern Illinois is the perfect place to enjoy all four seasons, and landscaping should help bring you out into the bounty of the natural world. EARTHWORK can unlock your backyard by working with the land and the features of your home. The result will be your new favorite place to entertain guests and spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Our understanding of the landscaping process and the needs of our customers has kept us a southern Illinois favorite for four decades. 

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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