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Stone walkways, walls, stairs, and flower beds create a stunning courtyard that expresses warmth and dignity.


This client came to EARTHWORK looking for increased access and landscaping to match their magnificent Victorian style home. While there were some wood features and hedges, they wanted something more lasting and impressive. Whatever the plan, they also needed walkways that connect the structures on their expansive farmland property.


The practical need for clear walkways dovetailed with the aesthetic need to define the space and make the land match the architectural strengths of the house. With these concerns for form and function, EARTHWORK drafted a plan for a defining statement for the house while servicing the lives of those living in it.

Art and ambition for southern Illinois. 

This ambitious courtyard defines the elegance and slow charm of country living. Through the use of shape, color, and texture, Mark Riffel and his team built the perfect setting for this Victorian home — swooping wall features and plantings for a little adventure, hedges and pyramidals for a formal touch. EARTHWORK combined classical design cues with the welcoming spirit of iced tea and a porch swing.


The curving lines of the walkways and extensive planting soften the stone construction. The pastels and light grays in the brickwork rhyme with the flowers and contrast with the rich browns of the mulch. The effect is grand yet human, as continental as it is country. The courtyard expands the presence of the home, bringing a sense of soft order into the generous lawn.


EARTHWORK is the first choice for quality.

Using every tool at our disposal, EARTHWORK can bring a similar transformation to your home. Our team is dedicated to make every project a work of art that works for you. The expertise of our professional staff is focused on bringing your landscape dreams to life, making your lawn a treasured part of your home.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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