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A custom brick walking path and entryway with planters create front door access with a subtle curve to break up the straight lines of the house.

Every landscaping project is an opportunity to beautify the world. EARTHWORK’s expert, professional staff are able to elevate a simple walkway into a redefining feature that uses a few tasteful choices to improve the value of the house. This was owner Mark Riffel’s mission as he set to work creating this custom path for our client.


Our precision in construction makes any shape possible, and so we are free to design the perfect landscaping project for you — no compromises. Discerning customers know that, when they partner with EARTHWORK, a walkway is a path leading to an exceptional feature.

Exceptional landscape design and results.

We chose a slight curving pattern, reminiscent of a natural stream, to flow from the driveway to the front of the house. We expanded the border of the walkway with beds to open it up and add visual interest. Altogether, these subtle design choices create a pleasing path that does not distract from its practical use.


Our artisan bricklayers are the stars of this project. The seamless, gentle curves are stand out effects unmatched in the southern Illinois area. We take pride in being able to find big curb appeal in the smallest of details. What could have been a straight forward project with usable but uninspired results was instead an opportunity to produce a handsome walkway that humanizes the journey inside the home.

EARTHWORK brings subtle design and bold ideas to your home.

With over four decades in the southern Illinois region, EARTHWORK has been walking a path of artistry and craftsmanship. We believe every project deserves attention to detail. Our strength lies in our ability to make your next project a work of art, whether you need a walkway or a water feature.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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