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Large scale brick and stone structures, walls, walkways, shaded seating areas, and garden plots come together in this ambitious metamorphosis.


This project allowed the EARTHWORK to make a major transformation, and we are always proud when a client chooses us to get the job done right. The expansive canvas of the hillside held many opportunities for our craftsmanship and experience. 


We knew that the large area needed a bold color palette and impressive stone structures to keep everything together over the expanse. Most importantly, the space had to work for the homeowners, creating a welcoming environment they could use and enjoy.

Landscaping big enough to match your wildest dreams.

The project reimagined the yard in joyous color and impressive structures. And with shaded seating areas, it can be cherished throughout the year.


This hillside transformation followed clear guidelines to work together: high contrast color, accessibility, and comfort. The dark mulch and light stone clarify the large area, creating distinct spaces. The wide range of plantings filled in these contrasting features with a spectrum of color, creating visual interest along the way. Walkways flow through the garden, leading the visitor to shaded seating areas to take in the tranquil views.


The hillside sparkles with burning pinks, deep reds, verdant greens — held together by the stone work that provides certainty and structure. It is an outdoor space calling to you to join it in the sunlight. Both welcoming and grand, ambitious and human. This project makes for a magical garden getaway right outside your door.

Transform your yard today with EARTHWORK.

Southern Illinois’ premier landscaping company EARTHWORK is here to make your biggest dreams a reality. We have the training and experience to make big projects that reinvigorate the land around your home. We have the design skills and craftsmanship to give any size project the finesse and attention they deserve.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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