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Low wall construction, stone laying, and raised beds bring the compelling angles of the house out into the landscape.


A house built with interesting architecture deserves to be framed by the land around it with the same care. This house wouldn’t be served by a simple garden or a couple of lawn chairs on a concrete slab. The client wanted something that added to the captivating features of their home, and they knew that EARTHWORK was the landscape company for the job.


Company founder Mark Riffel drafted the design to reinforce the strengths of the house by creating dramatic angles with the low walls coming off of the uneven lawn. These angles are also mirrored in the scattered angles of a natural stone walkway. Letting the home’s architecture be our guide, we set to work on this forward thinking landscape project.

Great landscapes work with your home.

The stonework anticipates the odd angles of the home’s design. The naturally occurring color patterns in the stone complement the red brick of the exterior, each enhancing the other. The natural angles of the stone also create a transition from the outside world to the house, like a gathering of shapes.


The raised beds are walled by yellow stone, drawing long and low stripes that play off of the roof line above and the uneven grade of the ground below. The beds are populated by foliage specially chosen for round shapes and deep greens — humanizing the sharp angles. All the elements together, from the plants to the small boulders, create a zen-like garden space.

Come home to well crafted beauty.

We understand the intricate play of the natural and built worlds. Our long history has been devoted to bringing these in alignment so that you can fully enjoy your life at home. It is our attention to detail, design, and the customer’s needs that make us the region’s premier choice.


Our fleet and crew are at your service, bringing care and experience to your dream project.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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