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This lakeside stone patio and seating with a custom built outdoor fireplace makes the perfect spot to relax long into the evening.


The client wanted to spend more time by the water. They didn’t want a simple concrete slab — they wanted a place to spend quality time together. Wanting a one-of-a-kind landscape project, they contacted EARTHWORK.


The right landscaping project can create spaces as useful as a room in the house, opening life up to the outdoors. The customer’s desire to spend time by the water was matched by the desire to spend time by the fire. While an open pit was an option, EARTHWORK wanted to deliver something cozier and more attractive.


Well crafted features are EARTHWORK’s specialty.

We hand built this fireplace to give that feeling of a family den while out in the beauty of a southern Illinois evening. The waterside view made for a compelling setting, and the concept of an outdoor fireplace was just what the project needed to add a sense of home. We chose a stone patio colored to match the water’s surface with undertones that hinted at the color in the fireplace rock.


The delicate handling of color and structure are evident in the results. The customer now has a great new room of their house, open to the breeze and the many seasons of comfortable outdoor weather we enjoy in the region — and the fireplace extends the time they can sit out and take in the silent beauty.

Great landscaping projects bring happiness to your home.

EARTHWORK projects can change your life. We can create custom features specially designed for your perfect evening. We’ve been bringing natural elegance and beauty to southern Illinois homes for four decades and counting, adding value and priceless experiences through artistic design and unmatched craftsmanship. EARTHWORK’s legacy rests on a commitment to your satisfaction.


Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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