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A specially designed drive, parking area with fountain, decorative stone, and gardens give this home a grand entrance.


The client wanted a drive and parking area fitting the design of their lakeside home, and the project would need a sophisticated design and knowing hands to accomplish the task. They chose EARTHWORK for our decades of experience and legacy of excellence.


EARTHWORK’s Mark Riffel designed this drive to match the look of European estates. A fountain would serve as an anchor point for the open area and reference the lake beyond. Intricate brickwork could be used to break up the space and highlight the water feature. Meanwhile, garden space surrounding the drive would elevate the setting and soften the stone and brick.

High quality landscaping in southern Illinois.

Of course, the center of this project is the stately water feature. It’s vertical energy pulls together the open area, adding an elegant touch of luxury. It was important to not detract from the fountain and instead build around it. The considerable brick border area highlights the feature and carries its circular shape into the drive. The orderly shrubs around the border reinforce the classical inspiration for the design and the circle motif.


This classical design is tailored with unique details: the stone walkway leading off the drive, the intricate brickwork, and the plantings picked for their matching pink blossoms. By adding subtle details into the project, the classical leanings are aligned with the home as whole.

EARTHWORK has the skill and dedication to revitalize your home.


Mark Riffel began EARTHWORK in 1977. In the four decades since, we have been transforming southern Illinois homes with a combination of the finest craftsmanship and design. Our wide range of projects all share a commitment to excellence, carried out with the highest standards of professional conduct. We believe you deserve landscaping that works with your home and lifestyle, bringing peace and happiness to the place you live.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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