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Entryway construction, drive design and paving, garden plot installation, and tree and foliage transplants reveal and elevate this beautiful house.


The client’s large front yard had major, untapped potential. Along with a facelift, they wanted to change the layout of their driveway. This undertaking required the best in design and deserved excellent craftsmanship. That’s why they chose EARTHWORK for the job.


The trees in the front yard covered the streetside view of the house, blocking the presence of the home. By turning the driveway into a circle drive and adding in flower beds, the home could emerge as the centerpiece of the plot — not an afterthought hidden behind a patch of trees. For extra visual interest, EARTHWORK needed to bring in a greater variety of plant life and transplant some of the trees already there. 

Great landscaping improves form and function.

The result of the hard work speaks for itself. The drive now arrives to the house with a much more functional circle drive, and what used to be a confused clump of foliage became a well presented setting for the home.


By uncovering the front of the house and boosting curb appeal, EARTHWORK’s project unveiled the value of what was already there while adding value through greater drive functionality and beauty. For EARTHWORK, landscaping is an art that works with nature and home to create balance and a genuine experience — improving form while improving function.

EARTHWORK is the premier choice for southern Illinois.

EARTHWORK has designed and constructed great landscaping projects since 1977. Founded here in southern Illinois, we’ve provided local people with a hard working team of genuine craftsmen. What begins with a simple conversation about your needs with owner Mark Riffel can become a new reality for your home. Put our decades of experience and leadership in the field to work for you.

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to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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