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This custom cut stone patio and outdoor seating area with stone walk path borrows from Asian design to create a space for everyday living.


When a customer has specific design needs, they choose EARTHWORK. Our team has the knowledge and understanding to work in any style — seeing landscape as a way to harmonize the land with your home.


It was important for EARTHWORK’s owner Mark Riffel to fulfill the client’s practical needs while embracing the look and feel of their newly renovated Asian style home. He designed a level change to transition from the patio to the porch, continuing along the house with plantings in a pebble bed. Along with custom cut stone, this look transports the visitor to the zen gardens of Japan, all from the comfort of southern Illinois.

Continuing our legacy of landscape as an art.

The outcome is the perfect patio for gatherings large and small. 


This project was an exciting opportunity for EARTHWORK to express the beauty of stone, pebble, and shrubs. Taking cues from Asian design, the project is able to turn those simple ingredients into a visual feast. These elements were carefully placed to create a sense of balance and order with enough variation to satisfy the eye.


The main seating area uses a regular stone pattern in a subtle range of colors reflected in the surroundings. The pebble beds are clean and calm with small trees and boulders grouped here and there. Leading to the porch is a custom, irregularly cut stone path that holds the middle ground between the patio and pebble beds. Every element is calibrated to balance another.

Let your outdoor space bring serenity to your day.

EARTHWORK believes that our outdoor spaces should bring happiness into our lives. That’s why we strive to make the most beautiful, well crafted landscapes in southern Illinois. Our experience in the field and in the design studio work hand in hand to turn our client’s yards into the best part of the house.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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