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A stone walk path, garden with rock work, and water features bring the tranquility of a woodland brook to the front yard.


EARTHWORK had a near blank canvas to begin with, only a few trees and a stone walkway. Knowing the client wanted a water feature, we created the scene around this central idea. What grew out of the design process was a stream extending around a sitting area, large enough for outdoor activity but small enough for a private moment.


Bringing the beauty of nature to your yard.


This incredible project is a magical retreat for the homeowners. This secluded refuge from the stress of day-to-day life brings the restorative power of a natural stream and the functionality of a traditional yard.


The water feature is a delicate mixture of the stream’s movement and the rock’s shape. We used small boulders to define the edge and smooth slabs to recreate ledges for the waterfall and the creek bottom, flowing through a mesmerizing journey from beginning to end. The stream’s intricacy allows the viewer to explore and discover for years to come.


The setting around the stream is equally important for balance and presentation, and we used mulch and the occasional boulder to rhyme with the patio. By expanding the stream with this bed, the effect is an entire woodland scene, viewable from the comfort of a rustic patio, holding a grassy area for play and entertaining in the palm of its hand.


Landscaping with the hand of a craftsman and the eye of an artist.


Our experience with creating luxurious landscaped settings and water features proudly shines in this project. EARTHWORK is southern Illinois’ premiere landscaping company, and it all comes down to our dedication to make your yard an enchanting place. Our breathtaking water features and sensitivity to the personal experience of outdoor spaces set our projects above the rest.

Contact us to talk with our skilled team about your landscape needs, and begin your journey to a fantastic outdoor space.

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