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Stone work walkways and water features will make the pool area of this Southern Illinois home the ideal locale for a gathering of any size.

In-ground pools are great. In-ground pools surrounded by immaculate stone work & elegant landscaping are luxurious. If your pool system is just missing something, call EARTHWORK and let us complete the picture.

Stone work patios, winding walk paths, and a beautifully naturalistic water fall.

For this project, the goal was to create a place where family and friends could congregate and relax after a dip in the pool. We paved the entire pool area with gorgeous natural stone work and crafted winding walk paths around the home. Everything is designed to naturally lead visitors straight to the pool area. In addition to the stone work, we dotted the area with numerous shaded, cabana-style seating areas. Further highlighting the backyard pool area is the large water feature, constructed from natural boulders and surrounded by lovely greenery.


Around the front of the house, we completely revamped the drive and entryway. We converted an underutilized courtyard into a quaint open-air foyer with added privacy.

Tying everything together is the beautiful, natural stone work surrounding the home. We also converted a large segment of unused yard space along the sides and center of the double-entry driveway to beautifully minimalist garden plots.


We contrasted the deep green of the grass and foliage with a bold red mulch that is simply breathtaking. While not every project calls for such a strong contrast, we feel this works beautifully for this particular home.

Exquisite landscaping and stone work since 1977.

Most of all, there’s no substitute for experience in stone work landscaping. EARTHWORK was founded in 1977, and has built a strong reputation for creative and original designs, genuine craftsmanship, and highlighting natural beauty. Put your trust in our professional team of top notch landscaping experts and we’ll show you what over 40 years of experience can provide.

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